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Customer service is always our first priority.

We are a business partner that cares and satisfy customers by doing our best.

Daeil Industrial Co.,Ltd which has grown by leading the domestic gravure cylinder industry is making constant efforts today to meet the diversified needs of customers in the global.

Starting with the acquisition of an automation system that has brought innovation to domestic gravure cylinder industry in the 1980s,

with the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment such as electromechanical engraving machines from Germany and laser (etching) machines from Japan in the 1990s, we are providing the best quality and good delivery of gravure cylinder. We strive for 'customer satisfaction', and as nowadays, as industrial environment changing and diversified, we develop and supply state-of-the-art cylinder according to the needs of customers, and are equipped with technology and systems to provide cylinder in each field.

Now, we will keep striving to become a trusted company by realizing ‘customer satisfaction’ with a constant spirit of challenge.

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Mission and Vision

We, Daeil have lead Korean gravure cylinder industry since its establishment in 1980. This is the fact that we have contributed to the quantitative and qualitative development of the Korean gravure cylinder industry, and it is also the pride of Daeil.

The reason why we can establish itself in this position is the corporate philosophy that has been pursued continuously since its foundation.

System improvement (production, logistics, quality control)

Continuous investment (equipment, human resource development)

This is the result of developing an accurate communication method with customers.

Our corporate philosophy of Daeil Industry will continue to be pursued in the 21st century.